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Video Transcript

it doesn’t matter what happens to you
the only thing matters what are you
gonna do about it
that’s all that matters okay life knock
you down use that energy to get up from
there move on and get on with your life
you gotta learn to let the past go so
you can grow whatever you’ve done in the
past that’s not a reflection of your
possibilities that’s just a reflection
of your consciousness that’s just a
reflection of your development and your
growth the future is unfolding for you
right now the future is unlimited for
you right now
no one knows where you can go no one
knows what you’re capable of what’s
possible for you what kind of legacy do
I want to leave what kind of statement
do you want to make with your life what
things you want said when you die what
contribution do you want to make I say
to you that the planet will never be the
because she showed up what’s your
appetite what are you going to do that
will ensure that when the alarm clock
goes off that you are already up 10 20
minutes before your life closes Wow
you’ve heard me say it before no alarm
clock needed my passion wakes me up
listen to me no alarm clock needed went
on the air I want to be successful I
want to execute I want to make all my
dreams become a reality I want to do
everything I said I’m going to do so my
appetite increases it gets stronger
every year I want more every I want to
do more every I want to help more every
I want to be bolder I want to be better
I want to be stronger every single year
when you settle in somebody’s chasing
you if somebody time take your spot and
so every single day when you wake up
you’ve got a set new goals new
benchmarks you got to raise them higher
and higher and higher so you can make
your dreams become a reality
take ownership take extreme ownership
don’t make excuses don’t blame any other
person or any other thing get control of
your ego take ownership of everything in
your world so good and the back take
ownership of your mistakes take
ownership of your shortfalls take
ownership of your problems and then take
ownership of the solutions that will get
those problems solved take ownership of
your mission take ownership of your job
of your team of your future and take
ownership of your life and lead to
Really Slow Motion – Legendary

Les Brown
Eric Thomas
Jocko Willink



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