🎦 GRIND – Powerful Motivational Video

Video Transcript

you know what I hear I hear the clock
ticking time waits for no man
life goes by and it goes by quick don’t
waste those years don’t waste them live
them back off negative not happening
in fact I’m stepping it up no
complacency no complacency no backing
off no slack whatsoever bring it
fight fight that ticking clock with
everything you got in the earlier you
get in the game then get on track the
better life you’re gonna have healthier
wealthier stronger smarter better go
through the motions I don’t really want
to work out I work out don’t really want
to get up and get out of bed or get up
and get out of bed don’t give in to the
immediate gratification that is
whispering in your ear the desire to
take the path of least resistance that
he’ll pass the easy path shut that down
do not listen to that little voice
instead go through the motions lift the
weights sprint the hill get out of bed
get things done and Ryan simply going
through the motions you stayed on the
righteous path the discipline path which
is right where know that you belong if
you find on Monday and you ride on two
things and you ride on Wednesday but you
killed on Thursday and you killed on
Friday and they cried on Thursday and
they cried on fire
so let it go catch you so what every kid
in America they tell me they’re coming
for me you won’t work our first cuz I’m
gonna find out what the benchmarks are
I’m gonna reach the benchmark to excel
you will not outwork me I’m going to cry
I’m going to fight I’m going to work I’m
going to press forward I’m going to do
everything in my power every single day
to become a victor not a victim this is
the part where life demands that you
make a file come hell or high water that
you’re willing to pay the price where
you earn your spot with effort with
sweat with blood with tears it’s time to
test your will your endurance your arms
to test your limits



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