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IBOToolbox is a FREE “Independent Business Owner” Social Networking Community.

The platform includes a free contact manager, social profile, facebook app, wall plates, business blogger, IBOURL system, advertising, lead generation, traffic system, google ranker, proven seo and business network, mobile version plus more!

IBOToolbox is broken down into 2 websites. We call them IBOToolbox (backend) and IBOSocial (public). When you setup your profile inside IBOToolbox, it is available for others to see on your own IBOSocial profile.

This system will do amazing things for your business. All free. Once your profile is setup, you will begin to see what IBOToolbox can do.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use *IBOTOOLBOX* To Post Your Blogs

Learning Lesson – Normal BLOGS (other companies) allow you to write and post your Blog Entry (story).  But remember, any Blog Post is really a “Web Site” where you hope someone stumbles onto it. (For most people, this is not normally the case which equals poor results!)

1. IBO allows you to write, edit or update your Press Releases (Blog Posts – No Cost)
2. IBO promotes you Press Releases all over the Internet (Major Social Media Sites)
3. IBO notifies all of your “associated members” regarding your Post (this is HUGE)
4. IBO encourages your members to read / comment on your Post by offering “Ad Credits”
5. IBO creates “Back Links” which points “Screened & Curious People” back to YOU! (200-300/day)

If you use IBOTOOLBOX you will receive more website traffic!!!

There are some good videos on the IBOToolbox Youtube channel that will help you get familiar with the platform.

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