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Developing Razor Sharp Focus with Zen Habits


Information Overload

The rewards are worth the effort if YOUR goal is to earn more income online and offline.

If you are a complete NEWBIE (brand new to Internet Marketing) I highly recommend Chris Farrell’s Membership.




Now you can setup automatic syndication systems to distribute your content automatically via social streams. This helps to expand your reach and enjoy more website traffic!

“Success is a matter of making it a habit of working on the activities that will move you closer to reaching your ultimate goals.” – Robson Grant

Making money online takes TIME and EFFORT!

All marketing and advertising including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) starts with great content. The first step to generate more website traffic is to create engaging content that others will want to share.

Blog posts that provide solutions, share valuable resources, entertain and demonstrate unique innovation or even create controversy can all generate viral traffic. Average content won’t cut it. It needs to be OUTSTANDING!

Social Content is King *social content = stories, blog posts, updates, photos, videos, jokes, ideas, entertainment, advertisements, deals, information, and anything else that can be shared online.

Content is the fuel of the social web. People engage socially because they crave social content and updates relevant to their passions, friends, family, geography and professional network.

People connect and build relationships by engaging and sharing social content. They curate and personalize their streams to engage, discover, and click through to outside content that is cool and relevant. And while they are consuming the torrent of updates from their friends and colleagues they are primed to learn, engage and share the most relevant and timely content.

In all, people spend more than half of their online time with content and an additional 30% in places where content can be shared. In the new world of social media, content truly is king.

Distribute your content. Drive traffic and sales.

Now you can deliver your content to the Social Web automatically with the “Quintessential Social Media Marketing Content Delivery Automation.” WOW! Now that sure was a mouthful but don’t let it scare you. and BufferApp have made it easy. When you get setup, you will see how powerful information technology is. For more information about BufferApp, check out our Social Media Marketing page.

Post your blog RSS Feeds to facebook, twitter, linkedin and more and deliver your social content to over 250 million socially active readers automatically using free and optional premium tools.

The Science of Marketing is a Numbers Game & Our Content Will Help YOU Make More Money!

We invite you to explore all of the incredible marketing systems, advertising resources, tools, training, motivation plus more found here on our website.

If YOUR goal is to earn more income online and offline, anyone can do this following the simple steps below and content available on our site.

The SECRET TO SUCCESS is to ALWAYS ADD VALUE to OTHERS LIVES by sharing QUALITY CONTENT which benefits THEM first! Do NOT SPAM! Instead use reciprocity marketing and attraction marketing. There are many free bonus giveaways and valuable information throughout our website that you can share to ADD VALUE to other peoples lives. We highly recommend that you always share free gifts and motivational quotes with your contacts and prospects on a frequent basis.

Let’s Get YOU Started…

Step #1
Social Profiles Branding

Chances are, you will most likely have one or more of the following accounts. If not, the first step is to create free accounts at each of them. There are many other social networks that you can use to extend your reach but for starters, we recommend that you focus on the top 7 (Facebook. Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, IBOToolbox, Blogger & Youtube) below.  –  You must have a free Gmail account in order to enable some required services mentioned in this guide to work so if you don’t have one yet, click here to get a free GMail account otherwise continue setting up the free accounts below…

Facebook | Demo
Twitter | Demo
Linkedin | Demo
Google+ |Demo
Pinterest | Demo

IBOToolbox is a FREE Independent Business Owner Social Community.

The platform includes a free contact manager, social profile, facebook app, wall plates, business blogger, IBOURL system, advertising, lead generation, traffic system, google ranker, proven seo and business network plus more.

Best of all the IBOtoolbox Social Platform is 100% Free with optional extra PPV (Pay Per View) Text and Banner Ad Credits.

It even includes an incredible live chat link feature that you can share in your signatures so that prospects can instantly connect with you!


The cherry on top is that your IBOSocial Profile page includes a mobile version!! (AH-HA Moment!)

More Info

Blogger (optional but highly recommended if you have time to do more than 2 posts per day) Demo

The benefits of using Blogger:

  • Automatically post to your Google+ Profile
  • Rank your posts quickly on Google organic results because Google owns Blogger.
  • Blogger is also supported by CurationSoft (optional but highly recommended to save time – free download)
  • Blogger is also support by YouTube (optional but highly recommended for video marketing)

Step #2

Signup for a free account. –  Automatically distribute your IBO RSS Feeds to Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin (Google+ profile posting currently not supported.)

We also highly recommend the use of Buffer (Free) to save time while distributing your content across your social networks. For more information about Buffer and, please visit our Social Media Marketing page.

Step #3

Locate Your RSS Feeds

Scroll down on your  IBOSocial page to locate YOUR IBO RSS Feeds


Obviously, you will use your own feed links while adding them to your routes (see below).

If you would like to create an RSS feed for your YouTube channel, its pretty straight forward.  just take the following URL: and replace the”yourchannelname” with your YouTube channel name and you are all set! Whenever you upload a new public video, will automatically distribute it to  to your new YouTube videos to Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter.

Step #4

Add your feeds to

It’s extremely easy to add routes and destinations to Simply click on the +Add Route button and add your RSS Feed link and save and then +add Destination to Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter accounts.

NOTE: Upgrading to Premium is currently of no use as Google+ Profile posting is NOT supported at this time. We are waiting patiently for that to be working again and will update this page at that time. In the meantime, when you post your IBO Press Releases, follow the Daily Action Plan below to post your press releases to your Google+ Profile.

Step #5

Signature Links (optional but highly recommended)

We highly recommend that you always include your Newsletter Subscription link, Live Chat link and Mobile Profile in your signatures whenever appropriate. Here is an example of what we often use for our business:

Enjoy & Prosper!

We use IBOTOOLBOX to get FREE organic traffic from Google.
The platform is 100% Free and we invite you to join us as an associate.

“A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship.”

To Unsubscribe please type “Remove” in the subject line and reply to this email.
Therefore you will not receive valuable special offers to our products and services.
All removal requests are handled personally and immediately once received. Thank you.

Step #6

Get a Aweber account.

Start building your mailing list.

Write 2 daily IBO Press Releases (blog posts)  on IBOToolbox and at least 1 daily Blogger posts. This may sound complicated and time consuming but it isn’t especially if you are using CurationSoft and the other informational resources on our website. Articles need to be a minimum of 350 words (500 recommended) including your LSI & SEO keywords in the Introduction and Summary paragraphs.

To save time and create great content quickly, you may consider trying a free download of CurationSoft.

Step #8

Share your IBO Press Releases on Google+, Pinterest and other social networks and bookmarking sites.

Share Press Release on Google+

Share Press Release on Pinterest Step #1

Share Press Release on Pinterest Step #2

Step #9

Ping your IBO, Blogger & Youtube feeds using Pingler.


Step #10


Make a habit of setting aside some time each day to work on the activities that will move you closer to reaching your financial goals.

Once your automatic syndication systems are setup and ready to distribute your content automatically to your social streams, “Success is a simple matter of making a habit of setting aside some time each day to work on the activities that will move you closer to reaching your financial goals.” – Robson Grant

Here is a free productivity tool based on the Pomodoro Technique. In as little as 1 hour per day of focused effort you can gain over 9 work weeks of  extra productivity per year!

 Focus Booster App


What is the Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980’s. It can be used for any kind of task and enables you to view time as a valuable ally in accomplishing what you want to do.

The technique uses a timer to break down periods of work into 25-minute intervals (referred to as “pomodoros”) separated by breaks and is based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.

There are five basic steps to implementing the technique:

  • Decide on the task to be done
  • Set the pomodoro (timer) to 25 minutes
  • Work on the task until the timer rings; record the task status
  • Take a short break (5 minutes)
  • Every four “pomodoros” take a longer break (15-20 minutes)
  • Benefits of a digital pomodoro timer

While Francesco Cirillo encourages a low-tech approach, using a mechanical timer, a digital pomodoro timer, such as Focus Booster, is a convenient tool that can be used on your computer so it is ready and waiting for you.

Focus Booster offers optional audio and visual cues that can help develop the relationship to time conditioned by the technique and remind you when it’s time to take a break.

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