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Video Transcript

one of the things that we have to do as
we’re pursuing our dreams and our goals
is that we have to know that failure is
not an option you’ve got to tell
yourself despite the circumstances the
situation I’m not going anywhere until I
get to go until I make my dreams become
a reality I’m not quitting I don’t got
much money out invest I don’t care how
much time I have to invest I’m gonna
continue to do this until I become
successful every time I stand up here do
what I’m doing all I can remember was
sleeping in abandoned buildings that’s
all I can think about but I kept trying
and I kept trying and I kept going I was
consistent and I’m standing here today
every single day when I come I show up
and I let failure know failure is not an
option you can’t even let it speak into
your brain not even a second you have to
know that this thing is going to work
come hell or high water whatever it is I
set out to do it may not happen in six
months it may not happen in the year it
may not happen in two years but at some
point my dream is going to become a
reality there’s something that can
happen to every human being
it’s the instinct to slack off or to
give in to the pain to get less than
your best the instinct of hope to win
luck or your opponents not doing their
best instead of going the limit and past
your limit where victory is always to be
defeating those negative instincts that
are out to defeat us is the difference
between winning and losing and we face
the battle every day of our life life is
a marathon and finishing is what it’s
all about this personal win
not because they’re brilliant not
because they’re smart but because
they’re consistent it’s because they do
it day in day out day in down and you
know what you just keep doing the right
thing day in day out and you’re gonna
cash out someday someday it’s going to
happen you’re going to get your place in
the Sun you’re going to hit the jackpot
it’s going to happen
you cannot consistently be doing without
having some great return happen to you
most people go after those things ladies
and gentlemen they don’t give it all
this and then they have the nerve to be
upset with things don’t work out give
yourself a chance give yourself a
fighting chance whatever you go after
whatever you’ve said this is your stuff
pursuing passionately let that be a deep
holder in you that you won’t be denied
and that when things happen that they
won’t immobilize you they won’t deplete
your energy but you know there’s
something in you that’s going to take
you to the top and that this is only a
temporary in
that’s all it is you’ve got to know who
you are
you got to align yourself with a stone
part of you
you’ve got to regardless of the
circumstances to judge not according to
appearances you got to be willing to go
in it with everything in you pulling
deep down within challenging yourself
coming back of making this happen



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REFUSE FAILURE - Best Motivational Video - Highly Motivational
REFUSE FAILURE - Best Motivational Video - Highly Motivational

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