🎦 Best Motivational Speech for Millennial’s by Gary Vaynerchuk

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today’s guest is one of the world’s
leading marketing experts and living
proof that the American Dream is alive
and well he was born in Belarus in the
former Soviet Union didn’t speak a word
of English when he arrived his entire
extended family lived together and a
tiny-ass apartment in Queens and as the
foreign kid he was once bullied into
drinking urine from a soda can before
time New York Times bestselling author
I think so many people are keyboard
activists right everybody’s good at
sending a tweet about how the world
should be and nobody’s doing anything
about it and that just that is just very
much human nature we’re just gonna ask
if you think that’s human nature or if
you think that we’ve gotten soft as a
culture yes you know I mean of course
we’ve gotten soft as a culture in the
u.s. because the US has had an
incredible two hundred year run right
like this is just what happens you know
so as a culture you know I can’t speak
for you know people that live in the
Amazon River and I can’t speak for you
know people that still live in Belarus
but the American culture is soft and
that’s a great thing that means there’s
been enormous amounts of prosperity but let’s not be naive
I mean people literally complain when
somebody gives them the wrong amount of
like extra cream in a Starbucks $6 coffee
my lack of interest in complaining is so
high and when I watch what people
complain about it breaks my heart
because they completely lack perspective
and i genuinely believe my happiness and
optimism comes from my perspective even
in political unrest times like right now
a lot of people very bent out of shape
but the reality is is that it just never
been better to be a human being it’s
that’s just the truth that’s just data
that’s that’s reality and yeah I mean
it’s just a very fun time to be alive an
incredible time and I think the way
people look at the world right now
because it’s such an incredible time is
actually the quickest tell to who they
are if you think it sucks but it’s bad
you have losing pessimistic DNA and if
you think it’s awesome and phenomenal
you have optimistic winning DNA and I
believe that to be true and so that’s
where rap we’re beating ourselves up
like everybody sucks at something right
like we all have shortcomings and we all
have strengths and for me it’s like why
don’t we just audit that like why don’t
we just look at it that way and be like
alright well I’m good at this but I’m
not gonna dad like and then and then and
then I only focus what I’m good at right
like I don’t dwell that I can’t fix
around the house I call somebody to fix
it like I’m not like I’m not a man I
don’t give a like you know like
like you know like I don’t I don’t get
it like we all like I also think it’s
awesome that I’m so emotionally stable
and I’m the emotional backbone of
everybody is that what a dude supposed
to do like like these cliches these
stereotypes they’re so silly I don’t
judge myself I’m fully in love with
myself but I’m also fully in love with
everybody else too right it’s not like
like it goes both ways like I tell
people to buy into me that work for me
it’s cuz I buy into them first
like I don’t need anybody to gain trust
with me I it’s there like I believe that
the human race is so grossly underrated
we are good of course we have some bad
there’s 7 billion of us but like
when you look at our net score it’s
bonkers like you know what damage
we could be doing to each other on an
hourly basis and we don’t like we’re still here
like we want we’re the alpha being and
we’ve figured out how to stay together
this is insane when you think about it
and yet everybody wants to dwell on like
somebody said something mean if you want
to be an anomaly you have to act like
one like people want all these special
things to happen but then they’re acting
like everybody else and that gets into
this Saturdays on in your 20s like or or
just like taking risks or things of that
nature like you know if anybody watching
right now if there’s anything they take
away it’s like look like you’re gonna
only be so pretty you’re only gonna be
so smart like you like there’s there’s
things that are gonna be natural and
there’s things that you can actually
control I do believe and I don’t know if
I’m right or wrong I don’t but I do
believe that work ethic is a taught
behavior it’s something you do have more
control over and yeah I think you know I
think and you know what really sealed a
deal for me getting healthier I was 38
years old and didn’t come natural to me
like it didn’t come natural to me at all
I hate the gym I hate it now I hate it I
don’t like it I don’t want to do it but
I but I knew it was important and somewhere around
midway through being 38 years old I got
serious I figured out my system I made
the financial commitment and I’ve won
right and I’ll never lose again because
the system was I needed to be
accountable to another human being so it
was about Mike and now Jordan and
whoever else is my trainer I’m doing it
almost weirdly more to not let them down
then too and so that was the shift and
so I feel like there’s a shift that can
make people work harder
the big one that I push is you’re gonna
die like like if your complaint like to
me life is broken down into complaining
and not so if you’re not complaining
well then I’ve never I have no advice
for you but I’m pumped like you did it
like like I’ve friends who make $42,000
a year work 9:00 to 4:00 kind of with an
hour and a half lunch and 45 minutes of
YouTube and ten minutes of bullshitting
and an hour of complete waste of time in
a meeting so the kind of working like
six you know hours a week right but but
but they’re pumped and and and they text
me these are high school friends and
they’ll text me like how happy they are
to be the coach of their kids baseball
team and you know like that’s amazing
like that that seems very obvious to me
like that’s like that’s right like you
know what’s super weird I’m actually
really envious you know like I it sounds
cool like in theory right grass is
always greener right like far less
pressure you know like like all that
time with my kids who that would be cool
like there’s just like all these things
that I can justify so to me but I have
friends who have a hundred million
dollars in the bank because of
Facebook’s IPO who complain who are
still hungry who want to do even more
who will complain to me because they
know I work a lot about no work-life
balance and they don’t get to spend
enough time with their family and I’m
like you have a hundred million dollars
like you could stay home like you’re in
control like you don’t complain about it
you’ve made that choice don’t me
like you want to spend more time with
your family and more time with your
family this is back to what we said
about keyboard warriors I’m trying to be
very careful about what I’m saying
versus what I’m doing because that’s how
you get exposed and I don’t mean like
people calling you out and being like
you suck I mean to yourself I don’t want
to be exposed by myself it’s it’s it’s
looking yourself in the mirror and
saying like am I doing this right so to
me there’s so many people they’re
talking about how big of an
entrepreneur they’re gonna be and how
much they’re gonna achieve and they
don’t work on weekends
you know I worked every Saturday of my 20s
like and I talk to 20 year old
entrepreneurs every single day lately
I’ve been saying to them this Saturday
you’re gonna have more time off than
I’ve had in my entire twenties on a
Saturday so like before you tell me how
you’re gonna be bigger than me start
thinking about what you’re actually doing
III think about as you know that picture
we’re like it looks like two people
kissing or it looks like a glass of champagne
like I just basically think at this
point in my business life the world sees
the glass of champagne and I see the two
people kissing I’m fascinated by the
same thing that attracts so many of
millions of people to people that are
selling those same people are
attracted to me and what I want to do is
suffocate out all those other people and
become the Alpha of that entire world of
people that are hoping and are desperate
to look at me and what I want to do is
inspire to fourteen-year-old girls in
Kansas City right now to build a billion
dollar company on having a bunch of
employees hugging each other in the
house I think that Steve Jobs came along
became an icon but the sad part of that
narrative was he did not treat his
employees well he became an icon and the
narrative became he got the most out of
people by being a jerk and that became
romanticized and a lot of people in
Silicon Valley today run companies were
they’re mean because they think that’s
the right thing to do because they put
Steve Jobs on a pedestal
I want my pedestal moment I want to
become that big and what I want to come
from that is that kids that aren’t even
born today think that they can build a
five billion dollar company and be a
great guy or great gal I want to build
the biggest building in town ever by
just building the biggest building in
town while I think most people try to
tear down everybody else’s building so I think positivity and
good is practical advice to building an
empire and I want to be the poster child
of the person that built the biggest
baddest empire and did it by being a
good dude along the way and not
everybody’s gonna be happy about
everything I did but if it’s 97% of
people talking good behind your back
that’s a real legacy and I want to do it
in a pop culture way I’m gonna do it
anyway people have done that before just
so you know there’s plenty of people
Warren Buffett’s a really good dude like
there’s plenty of people that have done
that there’s a difference I want to do
it and I want to be a rock star right
like and that’s where you influence
people like you know like I want to do
it but I also want to be the most
popular and so then that person’s like
oh I want to be him so I guess I’ll be
nice like I want to literally take
people who have DNA that’s kind of nice
and make them more nice because they
think that’s how I became big so I
basically want to trick the business
world into becoming kinder you


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