🎦 Don’t Settle For Average – Motivational Video

Video Transcript

even though I’m a big believer in living
an enjoyable lifestyle and going through
life with a smile that doesn’t mean
everything it’s always gonna be easy
everyone has his ups and downs and every
journey has blocks on the roads and
obstacles to overcome we’re all human we
all have feelings it’s all about how you
deal with them and whether you let those
feelings affect your actions and this
time we live in people are all about
quick fast and media results as
shortcuts mostly because they want to
feel appreciated for what they do to
boost their own ego and to fit in with
others instead of thinking about
impressing other people have you ever
stood still and thought about what you
really want for me some of those things
were getting a shape putting myself out
of social media doing what I love for a
living and waking up every single day
would it go in mine I had accomplished
all these goals by the age of 22 you
might not think he is so lucky or he
must have had financial support or I
can’t go to the gym like him because I
have a nine-to-five job and a family and
the answer is no it’s not luck
circumstances or any other you
are trying to look for excuses why you
don’t have what someone else has and
that is one of the reasons why you don’t
have it I truly believe the society in
general has become soft everyone is
looking for the easy way out the fat
that gives in the most amount of comfort
and security whatever the that
I believe life is all about stepping out
of that comfort zone and doing things
you don’t feel like doing in order to
accomplish something great physical
health is a big part of that and will
help anyone achieve that mindset some
days going to the gym is the last thing
I want to do I might have low energy
levels be physically exhausted and just
not feeling it but I still got my us in
there and I get it done afterwards I
always feel amazing because I made the
right decision
I did what I didn’t feel like doing but
knew I should and that gives me so much
energy it makes me feel unstoppable
these are the moments that matter these
are the moments that journey ends our
stronger version of yourself if I didn’t
go to the gym I settle with feeling low
my whole day will probably turn out
because I had that loser mentality there
is gonna be moments where you feel like
crap I’d have to do things you don’t
want to do those moments will decide if
you’re gonna succeed or if you’re gonna
settle for average you see it’s easy to
work hard and push through when someone
is looking or expect you to do something
but how hard are you really working when
nobody is watching ask yourself that
question when you feel like giving up
I’m doing this for me enough for anyone
else because I want this more than
anything and I’m gonna get it next time
you don’t feel like it
do exactly what you don’t feel like
doing and develop your discipline stop
blaming circumstances and others and
take charge of your own life you’ve got
this things don’t just happen
you make them happen you create your own
luck you create your own lives my name
is Mariah and I want you to stop being a
victim and star being a winner

Merijn makes video’s about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle through a combination of informative videos and vlogs. I preach a lifestyle in which you can combine fitness with every aspect of your life, such as social activities, drinking alcohol, partying and still eating your favorite foods on a daily basis.

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