🎦 Keep Knocking – Motivational video

don’t fail yourself today it’s a
beautiful thing when you go to bed at
night getting ready to close your eyes
days over taking a breath because you’ve
got all these grand visions in your head
that tomorrow it’s going to be different
we get one opportunity life one chance
in life to do it ever you going to do to
lay your foundation to make whatever
vault you’ll make you’re going to get up
you’re going to get some exercise
because you know it’s good for your body
and at that moment a voice came over me
and it said look up
get up and don’t ever give up so now you
got to go out and show them that I’m a
different creature now then I was five
minutes ago some people well I guess
ain’t nobody home where if they had the
determination just to keep on market
it’s a funny thing about life if your
own one day and someone is knocking on
the door you say I don’t want to be
bothered today okay what is it what do
you want
and that’s how you’ve got to be a bunch
of dream
keep on knockin
everything you did today we’re going to
do today was going to have a purpose
behind it was born to matter
whatever legacy you gonna leave leave
your legacy every day is an opportunity
for you to start taking control of your
life didn’t do the things you said
you’re going to do at the beginning of
the day it doesn’t matter anymore
because the time is gone you can’t get
it back and you got to get some sleep
man you got to go to dream

Music – Let It Shine (This Little Light of Mine)
Release: Fanboys
Composer: John Samuel Hanson (BMI)
Lyrics by: Harry Dixon Loes
Owner: Confidential Music Group (BMI)
Website: http://confidentialmusic.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/confidentialmx



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